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“International For Modern Industries Co. Ltd. (IFMI), since established in 1985 has adopted the concept of having and executing the most modern systems in its field of business with highest quality and “safety first “ .”

Al-Alameya Companies Group, since established in 1985, has adopted the concept of having and offering the highest quality and most modern systems in its field of business.

So, since involved in business including Commercial, Industrial Security and Safety, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Constructions, Real Estate, Consultation and Training, Medical and Chemical & Industrial Supplies activities,

Al-Alameya Group has become a good title in the Middle East market . as a specialized and trusted Group based on the long technical experience, high staff education & training in addition to the big existing stock.

IFMI’s motto is to ensure that Clients are hassle-free from the inquiry stage and even after completion of all contractual obligations.

To be the first choice as a reliable company for full solutions providing in the gulf region


Offering complete range of solutions in our field of business using latest technology, highly qualified and competent workforce to ensure quality and timely delivery to our clients.

  • Ensuring Customer Satisfaction by achieving 100% of all commitments without any deviations
  • Maintaining Quality requirements in work at all areas, stages and times
  • Fair and equal opportunities to all employees
  • Continual Improvement by following the Feedback from all sources effectively in all areas of work. Together with offering all support and fair opportunities to all employees
  • Following all local and international safety, health & Environment regulations at all times

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