Group Policies


Quality is a key focus of our growth and success. Therefore, our policies, systems and management are subject to periodic reviews and improvements. This helps to achieve our objectives in accordance with TQM standards. We have documented and implemented the TQM system and we have obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification. We continue to implement procedures that maintain this outstanding level of service.

Safety, Health and Environment

Our Concept of Excellence is based on the development, management, delivery and implementation of business according to the criteria of achieving the best working environment, that preserves the safety and health of employees and the surrounding environment through our commitment to the legislation governing occupational safety, health and environment. We have obtained the International Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001:2018. This enables us to provide a safe and healthy working environment under the slogan "Better environment for a Better Life".


We believe in the importance of training which is the cornerstone of the Group to enhance its competitiveness and sustainability. We have established the International Vision Institute to provide programs, training courses and workshops in the areas of Administrative and Financial Development, Marketing, Project Management, Planning, Crisis Management, as well as other Professional and Technical Programs related to the Group's activities. Training is available to all employees, companies and interested individuals.


Being one of the groups that provide integrated solutions and our belief in exchanging ideas, we have signed agreements with local, regional and international expertise centres in all our fields of Business, Specialised Engineering Consultancy, Strategic Planning, Research and Studies within the fields of Energy, Environment and Infrastructure.

Work Ethics

Al-Alameya Group is committed to uphold the work ethic and to create a reputation for its customers. The Group has a "Code of Business Ethics and Professional Conduct" as a guide for its employees in their dealings with any customer.