About Us

ACG Projects Dept. handles and execute the required projects by governmental and private sectors with competency and quality way as per the approved planes and time schedule, relying on the proficiency and experience of its engineers and technicians to execute those projects which have high and special specifications and in planned time

As security systems have special concern these days by the governmental and private sectors, a technical office has been launched lead by a group of consultants with long experience and competence in modern security systems. ACG technical office studies the project to prepare the suitable executing plans and scope of work which are monitored by quality inspectors to assure the quality of the execution and the final performance before commissioning the project to the client.

ACG Projects Dept. considers itself as the honest consultant to the client. So, the clients queries are studied and discussed properly in details in order to give him the suitable solutions and possible options putting quality, cost and execution time in consideration together with the availability of the required original goods from the approved sources in USA, Europe and Japan complying with the international quality management specifications/standards such as ISO-9001-2015 which makes the client satisfaction and happiness as main target.

After getting the approval by the client and the preparation of the technical offices scope of work, the executing team appears as one of the most powerful point in ACG as the executing engineers and technicians have the proper qualifications and experience which guarantee the best additional value to the customer.

ACG Projects Dept. has the ability to develop and modify the ex-systems in co-operation with research & development departments of the suppliers/ factories in order to satisfy the expectations of the client/customer to go with the latest technology.

It is confirmed that the proficiency and experience of those who belong to ACG Projects Dept. together with the available goods, modern tools and heavy equipment besides the vehicles fleet with a maintenance center, geographical distribution, quality and safety teams …etc. have enabled ACG to offer distinguished service which can get the full satisfaction of its customers.