Our strengths

Human Resource

Available manpower including managers, engineers, technicians and craftsmen with great experience and high capabilities. This gives us the ability to execute any business and efficiently provide services with high quality.

Integrated Solutions

Integrated and varied services, products and operations under one roof. This supports our ability to deliver integrated solutions and meet our customers' expectations.

Good reputation

A good Reputation in the Market has earned the trust of our customers which cemented theirgreat loyalty towards our group.

Geographical Coverage

Geographical spread of our headquarters, branches and businesses in the most important regions and cities of the Kingdom.

Good Capital

A substantial amount of capital that supports the provision of all resources necessary for business success.

Quality & Safety

Quality management and adherence to International Standards of Quality and Safety in the implementation of any project.

Supply Chain

Owning a large fleet of diverse vehicles, modern machinery and equipment to support logistics services at Jeddah headquarters and regional branches.

Maintenance Centres

Fixed and Mobile Maintenance teams and services throughout the Kingdom.